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Benefits from Practice of T'ai Chi Chih! Joy Thru Movement

Because T'ai Chi Chih practice circulates and balances the life energy within the body, people report not only wellness and increased vitality but also relief from aliments and diseases. Listen to people of all ages from all over the world who have practiced TCC and experienced its many benefits tell you their stories. (excepts from Blooming the Flower, T'ai Chi Chih Experiences)

  A University of Wisconsin study (Richard Detert, Ph.D., LaCrosse, WS) found that T'ai Chi Chih practitioners experienced a decreased number of headaches and quicker healing time. As estimated 40 million American experience chronic headaches. Migraine victims alone lose more than 64 million workdays because of headache pain.

Headaches and Migraines

I'd had episodes of migraine headaches since I was a teen. Almost none of the medications address the onset of the migraine known as the aura, which in my case caused temporary partial blindness. I attended a Seijaku (advanced TCC) class. One evening I could see the subtle onset of the aura; I immediately started to practice Seijaku. Within 20 minutes, the aura was gone; the headache never arrived. I have not had a migraine since. At last I possess the means to defeat the auras and migraines that plagued me for 30 hears. I am finally free. — John Rogers, Albuquerque, NM, Vital Force 1997


Athletic Performance

The University of California's Berkeley Wellness Letter, February 1994, reports: "T'ai Chi calls for smooth, slow movement that requires balance, coordination and body awareness. That's why many college and professional sports teams include tai chi as part of their training."

I heard from another rock climber that TCC practice would give me more focus and balance. It was true; I advanced one whole level in climbing skill. I used to feel that my feet were separate from my hands; now they are not. I am with the rock. — Dennis Zallen, TCC teacher and rock climbing instructor, Albuquerque, NM


Back Pain

I had been experiencing sciatic back pain (with riveting pain down the back of may right leg) for 18 years. During my first T'ai Chi Chih class in 1996, my right leg began to shake and felt as if it were going to collapse. I thought I should drop out of the class. That night I went to bed and much to my surprise woke up in bed the next morning. You see, for 18 years I would start in bed but have to move to the floor due to intense back pain. Since that very first class, I have had very few episodes of back pain. I also now sleep the whole night in bed. — Ann Rodgers, Albuquerque, NM, NM T'ai Chi Chih® News
Hip Pain

My student Barbara Friedman had had pain in her hip and expected to need a replacement hip. After the second day of TCC she had no pain, and on the fifth day, she was running up hills. Needless to say, she feels she no longer needs hip replacement surgery. — Jean Katus, TCC teacher, Fort Yates, ND, Vital Force, December, 1995
Energy You can go in with low energy or be agitated or nervous or tired, and when you finish even 20 minutes of T'ai Chi Chih you feel a decrease in these symptoms. — Hannah Hedrick, spokeswomen for the American Medical Association and TCC teacher, Chicago, IL

In the beginning it was hard to muster the energy to practice, but I always ended with more energy than I had started with, and so I continued. The benefits that I derived were increased energy and improved mental focus. — Eddy Perez, TCC student Newark, CA, Vital Force, June 1995

The main reason [I continue practicing] is for the benefits it provides me after doing the exercises, the wakefulness, the alertness and how ready I am for the day. After these exercises I am ready to go out and do things and no need to rely on massive amounts of coffee to get me ready. — Dan Carpenter, student, of Sharon Sirkis, Columbia, MD, Vital Force, June 1999


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