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Justin Stone Speaks on
T'ai Chi Chih                   
by Justin Stone

$11.95 CD


The originator of T'ai Chi Chih discusses its origins, spiritual/metaphysical aspects and usefulness as a tool for rapid evolution.
Spiritual Stories of the East
Narrated by Justin Stone

$19.95 (2 CD set)

The masterful presentation of little known and classic spiritual stories from Zen, Sufi, and Indian traditions is much more than a delightful set of humorous tales. Besides being a mini-course in Oriental Philosophy, each story contains universal insights and bears contemplation again and again. The spiritual lessons will take you by surprise.

Serene Nature
Played by Justin Stone

$11.95 CD

Music designed especially for Tai Chi Chih. The originator of Tai Chi Chih has written and performed keyboard music with delicate non-intrusive sounds that enhance Tai Chi Chih practice. This music also works well for those who want soothing tones to support a feeling of natural serenity.

Music for T'ai Chi Chih Practice & Restful Listening

Played by Justin Stone

$11.95 CD

Ideal for practice, this gentle music is found on the practice segment of the latest instructional DVD. The music is also fitting for quiet listening and other activities that encourage calmness.

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