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The T'ai Chi Chih Center is CLOSED due to COVID-19 restrictions until further notice.

Orders are still being accepted and will be shipped out once a week.

DVDs Available at the Center

Title / Author / Price Description

T'ai Chi Chih! Instruction with Justin Stone (and Practice with 4 Teachers)
by Justin Stone

90 minutes

DVD: $32.95
Filmed in 2000


Sixty minutes of instruction on T'ai Chi Chih movements plus a 30-minute practice segment with four teachers. Easy to learn. Experience the Vital Force flowing through the body, and serenity in the midst of daily activities.


T'ai Chi Chih! Instruction and Practice with Justin Stone
by Justin Stone

90 minutes

DVD: $32.95
Filmed in 1994
(now with chapter breaks)

Instruction in the 19 movements and one pose of T'ai Chi Chih, plus a practice session, all with Justin Stone, the originator. Regular daily practice can result in better balance, toning and strengthening of the body; inner peace; and improved health creativity, performance and intuition.

Serenity in the Midst of Activity
by Justin Stone

50 minutes

DVD: $79.95

Practitioners unleash great power with regular Seijaku practice. For those who already practice the T'ai Chi Chih discipline regularly, Seijaku is easy to learn with this DVD. Isn't it time to increase the flow of chi with Seijaku?

Interviews with Justin Stone and Carmen Brocklehurst                  
from the KNME PBS-TV series on
T'ai Chi Chih

66 minutes

DVD: $24.95

Tai Chi Chih originator Justin Stone explains the philosophy behind his art form in a series of interviews with certified Instructor Carmen Brocklehurst. The interviews are compiled from the popular 13 part television series, Tai Chi Chih: Joy Through Movement.

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